What is the Shred 10?

The Shred10 is ten principles to help you create a better lifestyle.
you can choose to do all ten or just pick a few that work best with your goals. The more you adopt, the better your results, but the main goal is SUSTAINABILITY.

We focus on adding in more natural foods into your diet and taking out those that do not serve your body. We work on getting good sleep, proper hydration, adequate movement for your body, and taking your daily Juice Plus+.

The Shred10 is a ten day jumpstart that begins every month.

I am so thankful I was introduced to the Shred.  A few years back, I found myself heavier and unhealthier  than I had ever been in my life.  I found myself feeling awful most days.  I am not a fad following person thus never jumped on any bandwagon diets or the latest trendy thing, but I got to feeling so poorly that I needed to do something.  I was introduced to the Shred 10, which isn’t a diet, but small subtle changes that I could make for a short period of time.  I didn’t have to have a membership or commit to long term changes, and I was so desperate to feel good again that I finally gave in and decided to try it.  After the first shred, even though I didn’t do it perfectly, I felt so much better that I began to apply some of the things to every day life.  Now, 30 lbs lighter and feeling better everyday, I continue to shred often and keep most principles daily as I don’t want to go back to feeling the way I did.   Very thankful for this program!

Stephen Kennedy


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